Breath for Difficult Emotions, Monday 12 September 2022 @ 7pm
This workshop will cover:
  • How to read your mind/body system for cues on how you REALLY feel, rather than how you want to feel!
  • Breath tools for working through difficult emotions and stress points
  • The science on how & why these techniques work in brain & body

Join us for this unique workshop and learn more about your personal mind/body system!

Can’t attend live?  Book a space for access to the recording following the event!

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Breath for Stress Online Workshop Recording – £10

Originally aired 4 July 2022: Join me for a breathwork coaching experience where you get to become a stress ninja! Learn three powerful breath techniques and the science behind WHY these work.

CPD Certificates available for health professionals.

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Anxiety to Energy: Self-Help Course Using the Science of Breath Training – £45

This self-paced course is designed for anyone who feels anxiety is holding them back in life.


  • 10 instructional videos so you can apply what you learn right away
  • 8 downloadable PDFs on breath interventions
  • Reading material on how anxiety works in the body & brain
  • Quizzes to support your learning
  • Two BONUS videos on Breath for Overwhelm & How to Come Down From Panic

BREATH is the fastest way to stabilise anxiety and create headspace. If you are ready to relate to stress & anxiety in a new way, this course is for you. Learn more about why breath for anxiety here.

Bottomless Box Breath for Creating Calm PDF

Bottomless Box Breath for Creating Calm PDF – Free

Visual printable guide to Bottomless Box Breath, a powerful tool for calming anxiety.

Step Up Breathing

Step Up Breathing – Free

Free PDF Download on Step Up Breathing – ideal for improving mood or focus.

Calming Breath for Kids Poster

Calming Breath for Kids Poster – Free

A super easy guide for kids & parents to create calm through healthy breathing. Suitable for age 7+.

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Energy & Focus PDF

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Energy & Focus PDF – Free

Visual guide to Alternate Nostril Breathing, a breath technique that is used to activate the brain and create focus.

Breathwork Coaching Gift Voucher

Breathwork Coaching Gift Voucher – £160

2-Session Breathwork Introductory Package with coach Ann-Marie James. Learn powerful techniques using breath to create calm or awaken the mind. Take away tools, downloadable resources and a breath plan created specifically for your needs. Available online or in person in Reading.

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