Holistic Psychotherapy A combination of traditional talk therapy, movement, breath and nutritional support.  

Holistic Breath Coaching For self awareness, grounding, emotional development & personal growth.  Breath coaching helps us learn about ourselves by learning to listen to the intelligence of our nervous system.

Functional Breath Coaching  Ideal for those who struggle with breath pattern disorders, asthma, panic attacks or anxiety and want a structured program of breath training to reduce symptoms & improve your well being.

All therapy & coaching is available in programs of 6 or 12 sessions.  One-off consultations available for breath health checks or check-ins for previous clients.


Professional Development

Helping you level up your client care

For health professionals who want effective tools to help clients use breath safely & powerfully. This is an opportunity to learn how the wisdom of the nervous system can help you support change in your clients in new & impactful ways.  Learn about autonomic health (the health of the autonomic nervous system), how to apply polyvagal theory in real life, and how breath is the most powerful starting point for deep, whole-person health.

Professional development programs are available in sets of 6 to 12 sessions. These can be 1:1 or in a small group setting, online or in person.  Consultation on client work for individuals or groups is available on a one-off or monthly basis (similar to clinical supervision.)

If you feel the need for new ways to facilitate healing & change in your clients, reach out via the application below. I would love to hear from you.


Online Learning

Coaching when you need it – anytime, anywhere

I offer a unique range of online learning to boost stress resilience, respond with skill to anxiety, and much more.  All courses are designed to mimic a live coaching experience.

My online library currently includes the Anxiety to Energy program and a range of free resources on breath for stress resilience and focus. I am available for online group workshops on request. Join my mailing list for notification of upcoming events & live online coaching opportunities.

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All contact is treated according to strict confidentiality guidelines.

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