Relationship Therapy & Coaching

Couples Therapy

I provide couples therapy on medium to long-term basis using Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, an evidence-based method for improving the quality of relationships. It requires both partners to be emotionally invested for the long term in the relationship and have previously had a warm and loving relationship.

Relationship Coaching

I offer Relationship Coaching as a short to medium term approach to help couples improve the quality of their relationship. Through concrete goals and tools we work together to bring about better quality interactions and conflict reduction.

Discernment Counselling

For couples where one or both partners are unsure about whether they want to continue the relationship, Discernment Counselling can be useful. This is a short-term approach to help you decide a way forward together

How do we start?

First sessions are always considered an introductory/assessment session. It gives you a sense of how I work and helps me understand the difficulties from the perspective of both partners. First sessions always take place with both partners present.

What is the cost?

My fee per session for couples work is £80 per one hour session. Reduced cost slots may be available during daytime hours based on your situation and genuine need.

Can we bring our baby/children?

Children are not permitted in couples therapy as the sessions need to be time dedicated solely to your relationship.

How do we start?

The easiest way to reach me is via email. Alternatively please phone 07940-703132 or leave a message with my secretary on 01189 070420. All contact is treated according to strict confidentiality guidelines.