New! Free Breath for Stress Video in the Evolve Online Shop

Breath & movement help disrupt stress by bringing us back into our bodies and giving the brain a calming activity.  You can use the body to create calm by stimulating […]

Video: Why breath for stress & anxiety?

Breath does three powerful things in our brains & bodies when we use it with skill: It activates our higher brain helping us think clearly with perspective and wisdom It […]

Food & Mood: Why I wore a continuous glucose monitor (and why I’d do it again!)

Did you know that the quality of the food you eat has a big impact on your mood? Ever wonder why you get ‘hangry’ or feel hungry again an hour […]

Online Anxiety Therapy Course Now Available

Get Access Now This self-help course is designed to help the many people out there struggling with anxiety & overwhelm. The course uses the science of breath training to relieve […]

Wim Hof Breathing – is it the right thing for YOU?

So what is it? Wim Hof breathing is popular at the moment – but there’s a problem with that. People assume that all breathwork is like Wim Hof breathing. In […]

Mind, Body, Machine: How are fitness trackers changing our mind-body relationships?

As a psychotherapist and health coach, I work with people who have all kinds of relationships with themselves, their bodies, and food. These can lead to challenges with eating, body […]

Now available: What is Breathwork? CPD Workshop recording

Buy Now A Zoom workshop on the art & science of breathwork in clinical practice.  For psychological professionals & trainees, originally recorded in September 2021, now available to purchase as […]

The depression & inflammation link – what you can do to help your mood

I love it when mainstream media starts to catch up on important topics like mental health & whole-body wellness. Inflammation & low mood have a powerful relationship Low mood & […]

Anxiety isn’t all in the mind

Looking for a fresh take on anxiety? Perhaps you’ve tried traditional talk therapy, CBT or medication but it’s been tough to shift that persistent feeling something is going to go […]

Online Breathwork Training Courses for Anxiety

Learn the basics on how to curb anxiety in real life, using your unique physiology. Join me for practical techniques, the science behind the breath, and support around the experience […]


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