Mind, Body, Machine: How are fitness trackers changing our mind-body relationships?

As a psychotherapist and health coach, I work with people who have all kinds of relationships with themselves, their bodies, and food. These can lead to challenges with eating, body […]

Now booking: What is Breathwork Webinar for psychological health professionals

Book Here A webinar on the art & science of breathwork in clinical practice.  For psychological professionals & trainees.

What is Breathwork? I answer this question in a new video.

Why is breathwork so good for anxiety?  Is it the same as meditation?  Check out my video for answers to some of these burning questions.

The depression & inflammation link – what you can do to help your mood

I love it when mainstream media starts to catch up on important topics like mental health & whole-body wellness. Inflammation & low mood have a powerful relationship Low mood & […]

Anxiety isn’t all in the mind

Looking for a fresh take on anxiety? Perhaps you’ve tried traditional talk therapy, CBT or medication but it’s been tough to shift that persistent feeling something is going to go […]

Online Breathwork Training Courses for Anxiety

Learn the basics on how to curb anxiety in real life, using your unique physiology. Join me for practical techniques, the science behind the breath, and support around the experience […]

Online Breathwork Coaching for anxiety now available

Is anxiety holding you back? Don’t let anxiety or low mood become part of your ‘normal.’ Learn to shift your mood through voluntary breath patterns. Book your fresh start with […]

ADHD & Nutrition

Turns out ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is a good thing. Big thanks to #foodforthebrainfoundation for Dr Alex Richardson’s webinar on #nutrition for #ADHD. Fascinating info on how increased fish / […]

Face to face & online therapy is available

Face to face appointments are available thanks to my COVID-Secure workplace.  For clients who prefer to be seen online I offer sessions via a secure platform called Practice Better. Enquire […]

Vitamin D & Your Mood in Winter

Did you know? Due to the low position of the sun in the sky over the UK, it is physically impossible to get sufficient Vitamin D between October and March? […]


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