Whole-Person Health


Gut by Giulia Enders (gut-brain health)
Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf
Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal PhD
Fat Chance by Dr. Robert Lustig
The Inflamed Mind, Dr Edward Bullmore (mental health meets physical health)
The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown
They Are What You Feed Them, Dr. Alex Richardson (nutrition for children)
Brain Changer, Dr Felica Jacka (nutrition & mental health)
Spark! How Exercise Will Improve the Performance of Your Brain by Ratley & Hagerman

Podcasts & Media

Tim Spector on Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Food is Wrong: Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee Episode 131
Nutrition, Movement & Stress in Covid-19, Endure Stronger Podcast Episode 8
Rethinking Stress with Ori Hofmekler, The Truth Barrel, 3 Oct 2017
What You Eat & Why You’ve Been Programmed to Eat It w/ Dr Robert Lustig, The Truth Barrel, 20 June 2017
The Sleep Episode: Everything you want to know about sleep, The Whoop Podcast #14
Alcohol: How Alcohol Impacts Your Body, The Whoop Podcast #43
Running & Mental Health, The Endure Stronger Podcast #5, Feb 2020
The Levels Blog on Metabolic Health (Blood sugar stability)

Women’s Health & Fitness

Roar by Dr Stacy Sims
The Wild Health Podcast Episode 178: Dr Julie Foucher & Dr Stacey Sims on female-specific training & performance optimisation
The Wild Health Podcast Episode 46:  Masters athlete Anne Linton on optimising female athletic performance
Live Feisty Podcast Episode 1:  Breaking Down the Science of perimenopause, menopause & post menopause with Dr Stacy Sims
The Wild AI App for female nutrition & recovery optimised according to your menstrual cycle
Clue – Easy & comprehensive app for period tracking

Nutrition & Mental Health

The Food for the Brain Foundation – for news & developments in nutrition for mental health
The Institute for Optimum Nutrition – assessments & nutritional treatment for mental health
Brain Changer, Dr Felica Jacka (nutrition & mental health)
They Are What You Feed Them, Dr. Alex Richardson (the link between nutrition & children’s mental health inc ADHD, ADD, autism & more)
The Leslie Korn Institute (nutrition & herbal supplements for mental health)
Video:  Dr Edward Bullmore on the relationship between inflammation and depression
Video: Why Fish Oil is Good for Your Brain with Psychiatrist Dr Tracey Marks
Video: The Mediterranean Diet for Mental Health with Psychiatrist Dr Tracey Marks
Video Podcast: Diet & Depression with Professor Felice Jacka

Nutritional Supplements & Information:

Labdoor: (independent test results on supplements for purity, potency, etc.)
Cytoplan: Quality nutritional supplements
Lamberts Healthcare:  Quality nutritional supplements – evidence-based nutrition information

Practical resources for reducing anxiety now:

Breathwork for Downregulating Anxiety & Stress with Physio Lisa Flanders
The State App – for anxiety, sleep, clarity, or alertness (currently for Apple devices only)
Stress Solutions for Students Online Toolkit with Breathe to Perform
Stress Solutions for Adults Online Toolkit with Breathe to Perform
Box Breathing Video (suitable for adults & children)
Weighted blankets – should be 10% of your body weight.  Check out these from John Lewis.
Lemon Balm – shown to have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.  Available in tablet form from Holland & Barrett or as an essential oil for diffusing or blending.
Essential oils:  Lemon balm (Melissa), lavender, ylang-ylang & chamomile.


Getting Started With Breathwork by human performance expert Brian Mackenzie
Breathwork Online Course w/ Breathe to Perform (short 5 session intro)
Basic breathwork mechanics with Physio Lisa Flanders
Breathwork for Downregulating Anxiety & Stress with Physio Lisa Flanders
App: The State App – for anxiety, sleep, clarity, or alertness
Ocean Breath Technique (foundational for good breathwork)
Course: The Art of Breath Seminars – an introduction to technique & benefits of breathwork, particularly in athletic performance
Nasal Breathing Development for breathwork video
Nasal Breathing Development Program with Shift (for athletic performance)
Podcast: How Breathing Can Change Your Life with Brian Mackenzie, The Feel Better Live More Podcast, Episode 113
Take the CO2 Tolerance Test with Shift
Stress Solutions for Students Online Toolkit with Breathe to Perform
Stress Solutions for Adults Online Toolkit with Breath to Perform
Breathwork for Social Anxiety testimonial
Breathwork for COVID-19 Recovery video with breath expert Patrick Mckeown
How to Use Breathwork to Relieve Stress & Anxiety – Morris Weintraub on the Wild Health Podcast

The science of breathwork:

The Health & Human Performance Foundation
Why We Use Breathwork for Mental Health video with Coach Emily Hightower
The Science of Breathwork & Nasal Breathing with breath expert Patrick McKeown

Family Life & Personal Psychology

Books & Media

My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper, Gabrielle Reece
The Whole Brain Child, Dr Daniel Siegel
Raising Children Without a Power Struggle w/ Hand-in-Hand Parenting, The Truth Barrel Podcast, #8
How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, How to Listen so Kids Will Talk
Hold Me Tight by Dr Sue Johnson, relationship expert & creator of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt (child development & attachment)
The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron PhD
Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine (on healing trauma)
The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read by Philippa Perry

Autism & Asperger’s

A Place for Everything, Anna Wilson
Asperger’s Syndrome & Adults, Karen Rodman
The Cassandra Complex, Living With Disbelief by Laurie Layton Shapira
Article: The Neurotypical experience in Aspergic families  
Support organisation Families of Adults Affected by Asperger Syndrome (FAAAS)
Article: Neurotypical Children of Aspergic Parents


Please contact me.  Personalised health, nutrition & breathwork coaching is available.

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