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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle with recurring anxiety or low mood?

There is growing evidence for nutrition and lifestyle therapy as an intervention for improved psychological and emotional health. I offer specialist health coaching for clients looking for alternatives or additions to existing treatments such as  counselling, psychotherapy or medication.

Nutrition and health coaching supports your mental health by improving:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Sleep quality
  • Food choices / balance of hunger signalling
  • Your relationship to food
  • Your stress response
  • Effectiveness of your exercise program

This is done through:

  • Weekly sessions for goal setting and support
  • Personally tailored nutritional recommendations
  • Guidance to explore what works for your unique physiology and circumstances
  • A personalised exercise program
  • Expertise from an experienced psychotherapist on your relationship to your body, food and self-improvement

 Initial consultation is £60 for one hour.  Further fees are determined for each client based on their needs.

Do you want to enhance your general health and fitness?

A nutrition coaching package is available for general health & fitness, including:

  • Support in setting effective health & fitness goals
  • Nutritional recommendations for improved energy and fitness
  • A set of personalised macros / portioning plan to help you understand how much and what to eat to fuel your health
  • 4 follow-up sessions (1 x 45min, 3 x 30min) 

Personalised Nutrition Coaching Package: £295.  Add on further 30min follow-ups as needed: £30 each

An initial phone call is available at no charge to see if the above services are a fit for you. Please enquire or call the number on the right.

Nutrition & Health Coaching is available in person at my office in Reading, Berkshire, or online by the secure telehealth platform, Doxy.

About Me

After many years of passionate interest in health & fitness and competing internationally as a masters CrossFit athlete, I wanted to integrate health & fitness into my existing psychotherapy career. To this end, I completed a nutrition coach certification with Precision Nutrition and health coach certification with the National Society of Health Coaches (USA). I have also undergone two years of nutrition coaching myself which gave me a huge learning experience in personalised health & wellness.

Counselling, psychotherapy & health coaching in Reading, Berkshire