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Functional Health Coaching

Are you saying things like:

  • “My anxiety is so high I can’t enjoy anything “
  • “My mood is so low – I don’t want to be like this X years from now”
  • “I need change but I don’t know how to start”
  • “I really want to improve my health/weight/how I feel in myself” but I don’t know where to start

and maybe…

  • Therapy doesn’t feel right for you
  • You’ve tried ‘pills’ and they haven’t worked or you don’t want to ‘be on medication forever’
  • You just want to be the best possible version of you…

So what’s your story?

How to get started: We have a meaningful conversation about where you’re at.  What are your goals?  What are your obstacles?  What have you already tried?

If this sounds useful to you, let me know.  Book yourself an introductory consultation on the right side of the page, drop me an email, or phone the number above.



My journey to health coaching

After many years of passionate interest in health & fitness and competing internationally as a masters CrossFit athlete, I wanted to integrate health into my psychotherapy career. To this end, I completed a Level 1 Certification with Precision Nutrition and Certification with the National Society of Health Coaches (USA). I have undergone two years of nutrition coaching myself which was a huge learning experience in personalised health & wellness. I am trained in breathwork for anxiety, mood & athletic performance through Shift and Intrinsic. I pursue a regular stream of reading & research in functional health & fitness.

A note about Health Coaching: 

Health coaching is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is not a substitute for medical advice or nutrition therapy with a registered dietician. The UK Health Coach Association Scope of Practice is available here.