Functional Health Coaching

Functional Health Coaching focuses on what your body is naturally designed to do. How it naturally moves, how it organically behaves & responds to your environment, and how we can prevent illness & disease rather than treating symptoms further down the line. It is fully individualised as no two people are the same – we follow your body to learn what’s best for your health.

Health coaching offers you:

    • Evidence-based resources on health, nutrition & movement relevant to your needs
    • Support in making changes to benefit your health & wellness
    • Guidance to determine what food, supplements & movement work best for your individual physiology.

Session fees for health coaching are typically £60 per 50 minute session or £30 per 30 minute session.

I believe a good fit between coach & client is critical.  I offer an introductory phone call for just £10 so you can explore whether I’m the right coach for you.  Book your phone call here or complete the contact form below:

My journey to health coaching

After years of passionate interest in health & fitness and competing internationally as a masters CrossFit athlete, I wanted to integrate health into my psychotherapy career. To this end, I completed a Level 1 Certification with Precision Nutrition and Certification with the National Society of Health Coaches (USA).  I am trained in breathwork for anxiety, mood & athletic performance through Shift and Intrinsic. I pursue a regular stream of reading & research in functional health, fitness, breathwork & mental health.

Scope of Practice: 

Health coaching is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Health coaching is not a substitute for medical advice or nutrition therapy with a registered dietician.

I am a health coach trained by the National Society of Health Coaches (USA). I abide by the UK Health Coach Association Scope of Practice and the National Society of Health Coaches’ Code of Ethics for the practice of health coaching. I am fully insured for provision of counselling, psychotherapy, nutrition therapy & movement therapy.

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