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Breath for Difficult Emotional States Online Workshop

Welcome to the Breathwork Skills Series! This workshop will cover: How to read your mind/body system for cues on how you REALLY feel, rather than how you want to feel! […]

Breath for Stress Online Workshop

Join me for a live coaching experience on Monday 4 July 2022 @ 7pm London time. Learn three breath techniques to create calm anytime, anywhere.  These skills are perfect for […]

New! Free Breath for Stress Video in the Evolve Online Shop

Breath & movement help disrupt stress by bringing us back into our bodies and giving the brain a calming activity.  You can use the body to create calm by stimulating […]

Video: Why breath for stress & anxiety?

Breath does three powerful things in our brains & bodies when we use it with skill: It activates our higher brain helping us think clearly with perspective and wisdom It […]

Food & Mood: Why I wore a continuous glucose monitor (and why I’d do it again!)

Did you know that the quality of the food you eat has a big impact on your mood? Ever wonder why you get ‘hangry’ or feel hungry again an hour […]

Online Anxiety Therapy Course Now Available

Get Access Now This self-help course is designed to help the many people out there struggling with anxiety & overwhelm. The course uses the science of breath training to relieve […]

Wim Hof Breathing – is it the right thing for YOU?

So what is it? Wim Hof breathing is popular at the moment – but there’s a problem with that. People assume that all breathwork is like Wim Hof breathing. In […]

Mind, Body, Machine: How are fitness trackers changing our mind-body relationships?

As a psychotherapist and health coach, I work with people who have all kinds of relationships with themselves, their bodies, and food. These can lead to challenges with eating, body […]

Now available: What is Breathwork? CPD Workshop recording

Buy Now A Zoom workshop on the art & science of breathwork in clinical practice.  For psychological professionals & trainees, originally recorded in September 2021, now available to purchase as […]

The depression & inflammation link – what you can do to help your mood

I love it when mainstream media starts to catch up on important topics like mental health & whole-body wellness. Inflammation & low mood have a powerful relationship Low mood & […]

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