Breathwork Training

What is breathwork and why should I care?

We spend 100% of our lives breathing.  Breathing quality and breath patterns directly effect how we feel:  Calm, rested, anxious, tense…  when you learn to breathe with skill you become the pilot of your mind-body system, not just a passenger.

Who is breathwork for?

Breathwork is like therapy – it can benefit anyone, anytime.  It’s particularly useful if you struggle with anxiety, chronic stress or feelings of overwhelm.

How does it work?

When you change your breath patterns you change your blood chemistry which changes how your brain functions which changes how you experience stress.  When we breath voluntarily we bring our brains more fully online to make better decisions, think with more wisdom and relate better to people around us.

Why do you teach breathwork when you’re a psychotherapist?

In over 15 years of clinical practice, breathwork is the most powerful tool I have found to manage stress, increase self awareness, reduce anxiety & improve quality of life.  It has huge potential for supporting mental health & optimisation.

What do you offer?

My services include a six-session Anxiety to Energy Breathwork Program or customised 1:1 breathwork training sessions.

How to I get started?

Complete the New Client Application to see if we have a fit!

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