Psychotherapy, health coaching, breathwork

Specialist mind-body psychotherapy & health coaching for anxiety, depression, self improvement & athletic performance.

Do you feel stuck but motivated for change?

I work with clients to level up their mental & physical wellbeing through psychotherapy, functional health coaching and breathwork training.

My unique training in depth psychotherapy, coaching, nutrition & health paired with over 15 years as a professional therapist allows me to offer you a specialist approach to common mental health challenges and self improvement.




I believe in the power of developing ourselves through insight, self awareness, relationship and ongoing self-exploration. With 15+ years’ experience as a psychotherapist, I offer short term and open-ended therapy for a wide range of concerns.  I am trained in person-centred counselling and Jungian depth psychology.


Functional Health Coaching

I use my unique combination of training as an experienced psychotherapist, health coach, and athlete to offer functional health coaching. Through personalised interventions such as nutrition, recovery, breath training, and movement I support my clients’ development toward physical & mental resilience.