Holistic mind-body psychotherapy & health coaching.

Sometimes to find deep healing, we have to start with the body & work our way outward.

My name is Ann-Marie James and I provide holistic psychotherapy, breath therapy, and nutrition coaching to clients who want lasting, deep change.

My unique skill set gives me a fresh approach to mental & emotional health. I am trained in counselling, breathwork, somatic movement for stress / anxiety /trauma plus nutrition coaching for mental health.

I work with adults who want to reach their full potential and aren’t afraid to work hard for it.

I bring over 15 years of clinical experience to my client work and offer a range of services from traditional 1:1 therapy to online learning and breath training workshops.

If you feel motivated for change I would love to hear from you.

BACP-therapist-18690 PN-certified-coach ukhca mind garden 10 years