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Counselling, psychotherapy & health coaching in Reading, Berkshire

Ann-Marie James: Integrative psychotherapist, relationship therapist, certified nutrition & health coach.

Ann-Marie James - Psychotherapist in Reading

I have a unique combination of training in depth psychology, relationship therapy, nutrition and health. My specialist interest is in the mind-body connection. My work with clients helps to maximise their wellbeing through psychotherapy, sometimes combined with evidence-based health & wellness coaching.



& Counselling

With over 15 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, I offer short term and open-ended counselling & psychotherapy.  I am trained in person-centred approaches and depth psychology/analytical psychology. As a therapist I believe in the power of self-understanding, self-exploration and effective communication as tools for developing ourselves. Therapy can assist in the development of all of these.


& Health Coaching

I am in the unique position to combine many years’ experience as a psychotherapist with nutritional qualifications and athletic experience. As a result I offer nutrition & health coaching for psychological wellness, fitness & general health. My specialisation is in nutrition & lifestyle therapy for anxiety, depression & general psychological health.


Relationship Therapy
& Coaching

I offer short term relationship coaching, longer term couples therapy using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), and Discernment Counselling for couples.  The type of therapy needed depends on each couple’s unique situation and level of commitment to the relationship, whether committed for the long term, looking to resolve specific concerns or considering separation.