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About Relationship & Couples Therapy

I provide couples therapy on a short or longer term basis depending upon the needs of the relationship. I use both Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, an evidence-based method for improving the quality of relationships, along with psychodynamic understanding of how relationships operate.

How does couples therapy start?
The first session of couples therapy is an introductory session that gives you a sense of how I work and helps me understand the difficulties from the perspective of both partners.  First sessions always take place with both partners present.

If you decide to continue and it’s determined that couples therapy is a good option for the relationship, I then meet once with each partner one-to-one to get to know your personal history and background. Further sessions take place with both partners usually for a minimum of six sessions but often longer.

Is couples therapy right for us?
For couples therapy to have a good outcome it requires both partners to be fully invested in the relationship for the long term.  If you or your partner are ambivalent about the relationship it may be better to have individual therapy first and revisit the idea of couples therapy. This is also something that can be explored in a one-off session to give you food for thought. As a rule of thumb it is better to come for couples therapy sooner rather than later as leaving problems too long allows them to become entrenched.

What if we’re not sure we want to work on the relationship?
If there is ambivalence in any partner about the relationship you may wish to consider Discernment Counselling.  This is a short-term process that helps couples decide whether the relationship is the right thing for them. It helps couples decide whether to commence therapy together, move toward separation, or leave things as they are.

What does couples therapy do for a relationship?

As a couples / marriage counsellor I work to help couples enhance their communication, deepen their relationship, re-bond and increase emotional and physical intimacy. Couples counselling can assist couples with:
•      Repetitive fighting & negative cycles in relationships
•      Communication difficulties
•      Intimacy
•      Family difficulties
•      Sexual difficulties
•      Recovering from infidelity & other relationship injuries

Couples counselling can enhance your relationship and assist you in getting back in touch with each other. It offers couples the opportunity to explore challenging aspects of their relationship in a supportive environment. Through talking and reflecting in a secure environment, the therapy helps couples to hear each other differently and approach their relationship from a new perspective.
I have three postgraduate certificates specialising in couples counselling, particularly in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples which is an evidence-based approach to healing and rebuilding relationships, reducing conflict & increasing connection. More information about this approach can found at www.iceeft.com.

What is the cost?
My fee per session for couples therapy is £80.  Reduced cost slots may be available during daytime hours based on your situation.

Can we bring our baby/children?
Children are not permitted in couples therapy session as therapy needs to be a time dedicated solely to your relationship.  Children also should only be exposed to parental conflict when the couple is able to resolve it constructively and create a positive experience out of arguments.

What if we have specialist concerns?
Some couples who have very specific concerns around sexual matters may wish to see a psychosexual therapist. Couples who are separating may require a mediator. For these services I would suggest my colleagues at Mind Garden Therapy.

How do we start?
Please contact me on 07940-703132 or annmarie@reading-counsellor.co.uk
For a quicker response, please use email.